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Be a Renegade

Renegade is a vibrant, safe and welcoming community of people practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Our Story

Renegade is home to people training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

Founded in 2010 by Jamie Murray and John Mirabella, the academy is a community that celebrates people and culture, skill development and great training experiences.

People come for the training but they stay for the community.

Our instructors have decades of experience in coaching and are black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Their passion for martial arts is only surpassed by their joy in seeing all students find new skills and increased happiness at Renegade.

Jamie Murray and John Mirrabella in their gi's at renegade mma


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chris oakley

5 star rating

Awesome atmosphere, genuine friendly members and a great team.

michael williams

5 star rating

A great gym to learn and refine your mma or bjj skills. Safe, clean and respectful to all. The coaches are knowledgable & friendly and the culture of acceptance and inclusion makes Renegade the best in my book!

Stephen Si

5 star rating

Jamie Murray has built a culture at his BJJ gym that is second to none. The BJJ classes are well structured for the aspiring athlete looking to compete or the hobbyist who wants to learn and enjoy the art of Brazilian Jujitsu. The teaching is high level, the mats are well cleaned, the people are friendly and camaraderie you build keeps you coming back. Great people, great coach and great mentor.

Robin Kinstead

5 star rating

This mixed martial arts community and facility offers the full suite - a safe, sensible, clean, family-friendly environment; world-class expertise and training in stand-up, transitioning and rolling; a collaborative culture; and a unique presence in Australian martial arts. I have been cross-training for almost 40 years, having a handful of black belts and a GB purple belt in BJJ and can I attest to Renegade MMA as a caring and challenging environment for growing in grace and groundwork for me and my children. God bless you and thank you, Jamie, John, Cal, Mick, Harry and the rest of the team :)

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Once your application to join has been successful, you’ll become a full member. There are no tricks, hidden fees or lock-in contracts.

No Surprises

From our training programs to our memberships, you won’t find any surprises. No weird rituals, sensei-worship, or extravagant costumes. No joining or cancellation fees.

Say goodbye to grading fees

We have never charged our members to progress through the martial arts ranks. The privilege of earning a rank with us is earned, never purchased.

Cancel and rejoin at any time

You’ll never be locked into a contract. If being a member with us doesn’t work out, you can cancel and rejoin at any time - no questions asked.

Exclusive Community

Our Memberships are valuable yet easy to understand. We have an academy that others can’t offer by carefully screening each applicant. Outstanding culture and world-class training.



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New memberships are available from time to time.

This enquiry form will guarantee you are notified when new memberships become available and secure your place on our waiting list. When new memberships become available you will be required to apply and attend a Newcomers Class.

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From White Belt to World Champion

We have classes morning, lunchtime and evening. From Monday through to Sunday - there is a class waiting for you.

White Belt Classes

Everybody starts here. You’ll learn some fundamental concepts and techniques from one of our black belts to begin your journey.

Coloured Belt Classes

Constantly sharpen, revise and improve your game. Build on what you've learned with advanced techniques, takedowns and thematic training.

Master Class

Black and brown belt only class focused on training gi and no-gi BJJ and advanced leg lock attacks.

Women's Workshops

Our women only workshops are led by a black belt instructor to develop your skills in a safe supervised environment without the boys.

Young Renegades

Martial arts classes for little people (5-12). Respect, control and non-stop fun are the aims of every Young Renegades class.

Junior Renegades

Training for Teens (13-17). Develop your learning while being supported in an adult environment with a dedicated instructor.

MMA Program

Mixed Martial Arts program is open to all Renegade members who have been graded to blue belt or above.

Competition Classes

Behind closed doors, and with the support of your team, it's time to execute at your best in preparation for competition.

Private Classes

Get uninterrupted attention from a qualified coach. Book for yourself or with others to focus on an area of your training.

Renegade MMA Covid Clean Gym

our commitment to cleanliness

COVID-19 Clean

The impacts of COVID-19 are significant for all martial arts academies. Being closed for business and more importantly limited in the ways we could connect with our team hurt. That’s why we are committed to keeping our facilities, staff and members as safe as possible with our COVID-19 Safety Policy in line with health recommendations.


3/60 Stubbs Street

Kensington VIC


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Torres Straight Islander Flag

Renegade MMA acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we gather to train, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.

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